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Suitable for Most Pets

Brush and Hose 2 in 1

The pet bathing tool combined brush and water hose 2 in 1, not only saving your costs, house storage space, but also saving the preparation time you take a shower for pets. Just need a water-tap, and this pet shower sprayer, you can bathe your pet anytime, anywhere.

Professional dog bathing tool, unique contoured shape, designed to wash most sizes or types dogs or cats. This hand held sprayer comes with 2.5 m long hose and 2 hose adapters to fit for 16mm and 20mm standard water-tap, to water the dog a bath in the bathroom or the garden.

Sprayer Shower Head

Unscrew the brush switch, water can flow out uniformly from the shower head brush. Apply shower gel to your pets, pets can enjoy a massage while bathing, and they could enjoy mini spa at home every day.

Relax the Dog

In summer, bathe your dog every day can bring your dog a relaxed experience, and a satisfied mood.

Bathe Dog by Yourself

With this magical tool, you can control the dog with one hand, bathe the dog with the other hand.

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